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Introduction to Theatre


This course will be taught by Ms. Kristen Kretz.

Intro to theater will introduce students to the basics of public performance including voice projection, word inflection, delivery, and body language awareness. This will be accomplished through a variety of activities targeted to improve dialogue delivery that focuses on pausing, tempo, dynamics, and memorization. At the conclusion of the program students will see improved public speaking skills and be able to perform and successfully deliver a monologue specifically chosen for each participant.

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Ms. Kretz has maintained a love, appreciation and participation in the performing arts throughout her life. Between choral performances and theater, she has spent many years on stage. Beginning at age 6, Kristen performed in both competitive choir, professional stage productions, as well as school sponsored performances (a portion in robust academic programs) involving theatre, choreography and vocal music. She has continued to expose her own children to the performing arts in theatre, dance and vocal opportunities and is providing a theatrical instruction opportunity for students at Clarksville Academy. Ms. Kretz is a firm believer that the skills learned for the stage correlate directly to a students’ confidence in both the public and academic settings and provide an outlet for self-expression that aids in healthy emotional development. This instruction is designed to employ a cutting edge educational development tool based on current research that music and performances aids in healthy brain development and function that is directly connected to improved academic capacity and performance.

**A minimum of 8 students are required for this program. A maximum of 20 students will be allowed to enroll. Classes may be combined to meet minimum requirements.

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Tuesday 3:30-5pm Grades 6-8, Thursday 3:30-5pm Grades 9-12