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Cumberland Woods Instrumental Lessons


The Cumberland Woods is please to announce opportunities for students to learn from highly qualified instructors the art of playing an instrument. Different instructors throughout the week will be available to support the students’ needs in either learning how to play an instrument for the first time or to advance their skills to new levels. Please check the current schedule to see when certain instruments and time slots will be available. Also, please contact Danny Magrans at if a specific instrument and time slot not currently offered is needed.

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Cumberland Winds 

In support of Clarksville Academy’s commitment to offer a valuable music education experience, we have partnered with musical non-profit Cumberland Winds. This partnership will allow us to provide multiple musical options.  These options include student private lessons, group lessons, music theory instruction, and group ensembles.  The offerings, listed below, are designed for after school and summer programming.

Private Instrumental Lessons – 1 per week: We will offer various instrumental instruction and varying lengths of time (30, and 60 minute lessons) starting at $220 for a six week course.

Group Instrumental Lessons (will include one specific instrument, brass only, woodwind only, piano only, etc.) with 3-8 students weekly in varying time lengths (30, and 60 minute lessons) starting at $90 for a six week course.

Group Ensembles (include ensembles with any instrumentation, music theory classes that include learning percussion/drums/musical games/handbells/rhythm studies, with 3 or more students will begin at $70 each for a six week course.

*Group classes are subject to at least three registered students for the same class time/length. 

**Classes are open to adult students! 


Instructor: Mike Ritter and varies instructors depending on the instrument


Private Instrumental Lessons – 1 per week:

$220.00 for six 30 min lessons

$440.00 for six 60 min lessons 


Group Assembles can also be formed upon request.

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Monday French Horn 4:00-4:30pm all ages, Tuesday Saxophone 3:30-4pm all ages, Tuesday Piano 3:30-4pm all ages, Wednesday Trombone 3:30-4pm, Thursday Trumpet 3:30-4pm all ages, Thursday Trumpet 4:00-4:30pm all ages, Thursday Trumpet 4:30-5pm all ages, Friday Flute 3:45-4:15 all ages